Kushudebu Public Health Mission NepalGovernment Reg. No.: 334/063/064
Wilderness in Nepal Article by Fi-paton House Hold Survey campaign Free Dental Camp at Beni Field Visit Report 2014 Construction of two Incinerator at Thuptengchooling Monastery Health Camp of April Need of a well-equipped medical center and medical staffs in Necha and Kangel Visit of medical students from GHAWS was completed successfully The Kushudebu scholarship holder Lab technician has completed her course successfully Field visit of the committee members of Kushudebu Public Health Mission Nepal Seventh General Assembly of Kushudebu Kushudebu is going starting Birthing Center The center office of Kushudebu has been inaugurated at Kathmandu News letter June 2013 Kushudebu Public Health Mission Nepal : Brochure 2013 SPONSORS NEEDED Free Health Camp at Kushudebu Medical Center Completed Successfully Kushudebu Public Health Mission Nepal received help form Dee Loader Alfred Hospital Health Camp at Kushudebu Medical Center on April 2013 Visit of Students and Teachers of Newington College, Australia X-ray service resumes in Kushudebu Health Post A friend returns to Junbesi Cleaning up the Solu Khumbu Interruption of X-ray service at Medical Center Visit of Newington College on January 2013 Eye Camp at Kushudebu Medical Center 6th Annual General Meeting of Kusudebu Public Health Mission Nepal was held successfully An Interaction Program with Social Welfare Council of Nepal Construction of toilet and showers starts at Junbesi School Health Camp at Thuptengcholing Monastery 14th July 2012 Nurse Miss Tashi Sherpa has completed the training course on Skilled Birth Attendant (SBA) Inspection from Social Welfare Council of Nepal Visit of Teachers and Students from Wilderness School Australia Principal Jane Davers with his students and Dr. Sally Nobbs is going to visit Medical Center Congratulation to Dr. Sally Nobbs Condolence to Mrs. Sherpa Dental Health Camp at Medical Center Kushudebu is planning to start Delivery Service at Medical Center New Committee for Health Post Management Maternity Services at Kushudebu Medical Center Health Camp at Thuptengcholing Monastery Donation from Friends of Junbesi Group on April of 2011 Donation from Sam ford Ambulance Center, Brisbane, Australia Incinerator Project at Chiwang Monastery, 2011 Friends of Junbeshi Community Project in April Construction of New Girls Toilet at “Junbesi School” Takshindu Monastery Incinerator Project Completed Successfully Report of Visit of teachers and students from Rockhampton School, Australia Nov\Dec 2010 Second and Third Project at Medical Center 2nd Phase Incinerator Project Completed Successfully Community Incinerator Installation Project Report - August / September 2010 Vaccination Program at Medical Center Health Education For Monks and Children at Serlo Monastery Training program on primary health care from 24th to 29th August, 2010 Inauguration of Staff Quarter Appointment of New general medicine and management person at the medical center Visit of “Friends of Junubesi” to KPHMN on April 2011 Visit of Jeema Keeves as a Volunteer from Australia Visit of teachers and students from Rockhampton School,Australia Nov\Dec 2010 Join with us for the World Expeditions Community Project 2010-2011 *   Community Project April 2010 Report Ultrasound services at KPHM World Expedition Community Project April 2010 Appointment of New Nurse Starting New Service of Ultrasound in Medical Center Friends of Junbesi Newsletter 2010 : Download Wildreness Nepal book order Form : Download World Expeditions Community Project 2010 Report on patient flow in hospital from 7th August 2009 to 11th January 2010 World Expeditions Community Project 2010 on April Appointment of New lab and X-ray technician 'Friends of Junbesi' Newsletter - Nov 2009 Wilderness in NEPAL - Book Order Form Join with us with world expeditions' community project 2010 Adelaide Visit of Mr. Ang Tshering Kushudebu plantation program www.ntnews.com.au has published a story on KPHMN ″Friends of Junbesi″ Newsletter Australia visit of Mr. Ang Tshering Sherpa, President of KPHMN launching the book "Wilderness Nepal" The world expeditions community project 2009 has been completed successfully

Kushudebu Public Health Mission Nepal (KPHMN) is a non-profit and non-government social organization, which was established in 2006. The purpose of the organization is to conduct various activities to assist the disadvantaged, orphaned and socially remote villages of the Solukhumbu District, Beni VDC(village development comittee). This assistance helps over 3,370 people in Beni VDC, Solukhumbu. KPHMN operates from Junbesi situated in the Solukhumbu district of Nepal. It is only accessible one day by bus and 3 days walking from jiri or after flying to Phaplu from Kathmandu and 3 hours walk.

Social Welfare Council
Affiliated no. 20689

Kushudebu Public Health Mission, Nepal

The organization's initial focus is to provide better health care and medical facilities. KPHMN is registered with the district office in Kathmandu and it is also affiliated with the Social Welfare Council.

Kushudebu News & Updates
Health Camp of April

With the financial support from Wilderness School, Adelaide, Australia a three day health camp was organized by Kushudebu Public Heapth Mission Nepal, from April 2nd 2014 to April 4th 2014...